The powerful health benefits of wine

Health fads come and go. Whether it’s Atkins/low carb diets, or sucking down gallons of bone broth, or just fasting and not eating anything at all, there’s always something new around the corner. These trends promise lots of things, but do they deliver? Who knows. It works differently for everybody, but one thing we’re pretty certain about is the health benefit of drinking wine.

Now you can’t just chug gallons of wine each day and expect miracles to happen. No, moderation is key. One or two glasses a day usually. And for the most part, red wine seems to be the big winner here. Both red and white wine have polyphenols, but red wine has the highest amounts of the real powerhouse – resveratrol.

Red wine helps keep your memory sharp, lowers blood pressure, burns fat, and basically keeps you super duper healthy.

Resveratrol is the battering ram that helps in two basic ways. One, it prevents oxidative stress in your cells. Two, it helps reduce inflammation. In fact, this almost mythical polyphenol has so many great effects on the body it’s ridiculous.

Another great reason? Red wine has continually been linked to a reduced incidence of memory loss and degradation.

Ellagic acid is another compound in red wine that helps burn fat.┬áHere’s the rub – this compound is only found in one grape. Muscadine. And that’s not a grape you’d commonly make wine with. However, there’s good news – ellagic acid is also found in oak, which is used to age wine. So chances are if you are drinking a nicely oaked red or white wine, you’re getting a dose of this fat burner.

In addition to this short list of benefits, you’ll notice that drinking a glass of wine actually makes you more attractive. That’s because it loosens facial muscles and helps you look more relaxed.

So drink up!