5 wines you need to try this summer

Summer is almost here and the weather is warming up. That means it’s time to shelf the heavy red wines and break out some more refreshing, crisp, higher acidity wines. We’re talking Sancerre, Rose, and Picpoul! Of course there are so many options out there, so today we wanted to share a few of our favorite must haves.


If you want a red wine but don’t want something super heavy, consider a Garnacha wine. This Spanish wine is super affordable, costing usually around $10 to $20 per bottle. It’s very quaffable, and big on flavor! Still they’re rarely heavy or thick. Think fresh cherries, raspberry, red whips and strawberries!


Arguably the most delicious, summer friendly white wine around, and classy too! Sancerre is just Sauvignon Blanc, produced in the Loire Valley of France. While Sauv Blanc tends to be a bit thicker and riper in California, the stuff made in France is bone dry and comes with a laser acidity.


Not just any Beaujolais, but a CRU! You gotta step it up if you want to get the most from this oft-maligned region. This red wine has a light body and refreshingly light fruit profile that’s perfect when the mercury starts rising.


Duh! Need we say more?


Spain’s number one white wine deserves a spot here because it’s bracing acidity and truly represents sunlight in a bottle, in our opinion. Citrus spiked and just flat out refreshing.